Dates: subject to availability, arrangements can be made by contacting the Villa Esche event service.

For each guided tour, you will receive a written quotation that we ask you to acknowledge within the period specified. Cancellation without incurring a fee is usually possible up to 14 days before the date of the tour or before the date specified in the quotation. Once the free cancellation period has passed, cancellation up to 2 working days prior to tour will incur a fee of 50% and after that a fee of 80% of the agreed fee will be payable. 


The guided tour can only be guaranteed in its entirety during the designated time period. The customer's entitlement to the service booked will expire if customer arrives more than 15 minutes after the designated time period. In this case, 80% of the payment for the booked tour shall remain payable. If it is still possible for the guided tour to be provided despite the delay, Villa Esche shall be entitled to increase the fee payable by 50%. 

Price list PDF

The price list is currently only available in German.