The Villa Esche Restaurant

Elegant dining in the former coach house

In the south west region of Saxony, the Villa Esche Restaurant combines fresh international cuisine and regional specialities to create a tasteful and creative symbiosis which bears the signature of the restaurant’s young catering team. A selection of these can still be found on the restaurant menu. The wine list is also both exclusive and exceptional. Great wines from established wine growers and châteaus take their place alongside delicious offerings from the growing regions of Saxony.
In addition to á la carte cuisine, our restaurant is also known for its excellent range of catering options available to events at Villa Esche.

The restaurant is located in the villa's former coach house. Seating for 50 in a stylish atmosphere with a view of the van de Velde building and the gardens, which were also designed by him, leaves you with the memory of the early 20th Century coming alive again. During the warm season, the terrace looking out over the parkland also offers a unique ambiance.



Tues, Thurs 12 noon - 3 pm                   6 pm - 0 am
Wed, Fri, Sat12 noon - 9 am

Contact:    [+49] (0)371 – 2 36 13 63