The former study

The owner's spacious former study on the ground floor can be accessed either via the central hall or via the ladies' sitting room. An art gallery recessed into the wall panels with historical views of the house convey an interesting impression of the living spaces once designed by van de Velde for the Esche family. It was possible for the gold and olive-green coloured wall coverings to be reconstructed after some remnants of the original coverings were found under the ceiling panels.

In warmer weather, a reception on the spacious, adjacent terrace on the south-side of the villa is recommended.

Size55 m²
Seating in rows48
Parliamentary seating22
Banquet seating*30 (5x6)
35 (5x7)
Conference seating3 sides: 20
4 sides: 24

* Maximum banqueting capacity, if menu is served. When booking for a buffet, please be aware that additional space is required for the buffet table.

Study floor plan (55 m²)

Different seating arrangements

Seating in rows


Conference seating


Banquet seating