Drawing room overlooking the city

The large drawing room overlooking the city offers a panoramic view beyond the city park to the city of Chemnitz and is particularly attractive during the morning, when bright sunlight floods the room. The wall displays in our showcase exhibition provide an insight into Esche's family and company. The collection is supplemented by impressions of the, sadly no longer existing, tennis clubhouse of the C. L. T. C., which was designed by van de Velde in 1907/1908 by order of Fritz Esche, a brother of the building owner.

Size55 m²
Seating in rows40
Parliamentary seating25
Banquet seating*30 (5x6)
35 (5x7)
Conference seating3 sides: 16
4 sides: 20

* Maximum banqueting capacity, if menu is served. When booking for a buffet, please be aware that additional space is required for the buffet table.

Drawing room overlooking the city floor plan (55 m²)

Different seating arrangements

Seating in rows


Club seating


Conference seating


Parliamentary seating


Reception/conference break