Supporting programme

Guided tours

After a conference, between menu courses or even during a seminar break, a guided tour around the overall work of art that is Villa Esche can provide an exciting and entertaining conclusion to your event. Your guests will learn all the interesting facts relating to Villa Esche and its history:

    • Historical origins/architectural history/architecture
    • History of Esche's family and company
    • Henry van de Velde as the designer of Villa Esche and protagonist of classic Modernity
    • Restoration history
    • Current use of the overall ensemble

      We would be happy to provide more specific areas of focus for the guided tour, if possible.

      Engagement of artists

      Discreet background music? Festive tones for an anniversary? Saxophone or swing music to accompany a buffet? A musical journey through the Roaring Twenties? Entertainment in the style of the Comedian Harmonists?

      We can advise and arrange for you the ideal musical or entertainment programmes to suit your event.