Short Biography of Herbert Eugen Esche

Herbert Esche was born in Chemnitz on 27th July 1874 as the third child of a factory-owning family, originally from Limbach.

1898 Esche entered the paternal stocking manufacturing company Moritz Samuel Esche

Marriage to Johanna Luise Koerner (1879 – 1911), daughter of a Chemnitz-based ink manufacturing company

1900 Birth of their son, Hans-Herbert Esche
1902/03 Planning and construction of Villa Esche
1904 Birth of their daughter, Erdmute Margarete
1905 Esche was visited at his private residence by the Norwegian painter and graphic artist, Eduard Munch: seven portraits and a landscape originated from this time
1911 Death of Johanna Esche. Herbert Esche did not marry again
1945 Herbert Esche left Chemnitz
1946-1962 He lived in Küsnacht/Switzerland with his daughter
1962 Herbert Esche died there at 87 years of age