Short Biography of Henry Clément van de Velde

Henry Clément van de Velde was born in Antwerp in 1863.

1880-1885Studied painting in Antwerp and Paris
1893Transition to decorative arts and architecture
1894Marriage to Maria Séthe, a student of Theo Rysselberghe
1895Built his first private residence, Haus Bloemenwerf, in Uccle near Brussels
1896His designs of 4 room concepts for the gallery, Maison de L´Art Nouveau, of Samuel Bing in Paris, which later gave its name to the Art Nouveau movement, met with rejection and incomprehension
1897The same room concepts were enthusiastically received by the Arts and Crafts Exhibition in Dresden and signified a breakthrough with the German public
1900Relocated to Berlin, designing primarily residential and commercial buildings
1902Called to Weimar as Artistic Adviser for Industry and Craft for the Grand Duke of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach
1902/1903Design and construction of Villa Esche
1905-1915Teaching in Weimar, numerous designs for clients in Thuringia and Saxony, but these were only partly realised
1904-1911     Construction/opening of the School of Arts and Crafts in Weimar (today the Bauhaus University)
1905-1907Construction of the Art School (today the Bauhaus University)
1907-1908Design and construction of a clubhouse for the Chemnitz Lawn Tennis Club C. L. T. C.
1907-1909Redesign and modernisation of some rooms in the Lauterbach manor house (country estate of the Esche family)
1908Redesign of the great hall at Villa Quisisana in Chemnitz
1913Design and construction of Villa Schulenburg in Gera
1913/1914Design and construction of Villa Koerner in Chemnitz
1917Departure to Switzerland, the family was later allowed to leave Germany
1920Relocation to the Netherlands, commissioned by patrons, the Kröller-Müller couple
1921Construction of his private residence "De Tent" (The Tent) in Wassenaar near the Hague
1926Relocation to Brussels
1926Establishment of the La Cambre School of Design, under the name "Institut Superieur des Arts décoratifs", in Brussels
1927Construction of his last private residence "La Nouvelle Maison" (The New House) in Tervuren
1927-1936Teaching in Brussels and Gent (professor for architecture)
1943Death of Maria Séthe
1947Relocation to Switzerland
1957Henry van de Velde died at 94 years of age in Zurich