Current uses of Villa Esche


Conference venue – event location – Henry van de Velde museum – concert setting – restaurant

Today, Villa Esche can be experienced and used as a meeting place for commerce, art and culture by a broad audience in a variety of ways:

  1. Villa Esche as a setting for public concerts and event

Since the restoration, the reconstructed drawing rooms at Villa Esche offer a unique ambiance for a distinguished programme of events.

Year-on-year, the top-class calendar of events, made up of concerts, readings, special exhibitions and lectures, underpins Villa Esche's claims to be a national platform for culture.


   2. Villa Esche as a conference venue and event location

The Villa Esche event service hires out five spaces between 55 and 252 m2 for conferences, seminars, concerts, readings, discussion groups, banquets, receptions, presentations, marriage ceremonies, Jugendweihen (youth initiation ceremonies) and other events.

It also offers a comprehensive service of professional event management: organisation, project management, decoration, event technology, catering, supporting programme, artistic engagement, guided tours of the villa as well as individual support for each event, etc.

In establishing conceptions for their events, companies continue to appreciate the authentic connection of the premises and the Esche family to the economic history (of Saxony) and successful entrepreneurship.

  1. Guided tours of Villa Esche: A living space as an overall work of art (architecture, interior and parkland)

Regular public guided tours of Villa Esche allow the first commissioned work of Henry van de Velde in Germany to be experienced as an overall work of art.

By providing the history of Esche's stocking manufacturing company, our tours also convey a piece of the industrial history of Saxony, offer an insight into the works of van de Velde and illustrate the significance of Chemnitz as a milestone on the European Henry van de Velde Route.

  1. The Henry van de Velde Museum

Villa Esche houses the first Henry van de Velde Museum in Germany as a branch of the Chemnitz art collections and presents the versatile collection of exhibits created by the pioneering designer.

On the ground floor, the former dining room and music salon, which largely retain their original furnishings, give an impression of the authentic ambiance of the "living space" designed by van de Velde. Upstairs, a permanent exhibition in the former bedroom, children's room and bathroom provides an insight into the complete works of the versatile artist.

Clear documentation of the elaborate restoration works as well as a showcase exhibition of Esche's company and family complete the offering.

  1. The Villa Esche Restaurant in the former coach house

The restaurant is located in the reconstructed coach house of the villa and provides perfect catering from conference service to formal banquets.

With a seating capacity of 70 in a stylish atmosphere with a view of the van de Velde building, a young, creative catering team and an exceptional wine list, the restaurant guarantees to delight the senses of its guests.