Reconstruction of the significant colours of the interior decorations for van de Velde's designs proved particularly complex. Since all of the historical photographs from the relevant time were naturally only in black and white, the leading architectural office, Bochmann-Wendisch, initiated meticulous research into colour restoration, and was rewarded with unexpected discoveries. All of the components were systematically examined by experts to determine their original colour. In this way, colours including the shade of blue used for the windows and walls in the central hall, the green of the ceiling joists in the study and the ochre-yellow, lime-based covering on the façade plaster from 1911 were accurately proven. Most of the wall coverings in the study and bedroom had deteriorated. However, fortunate coincidences revealed some such remains, which had been preserved as they were protected from the light and these were able to serve the meticulous and faithful reconstruction of the threads and fabrics.